Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Last Freedom

I love to surf and find these places on the Internet that give life meaning and purpose. Sean Burcaw's story that I have highlighted before is one. Joshua Prager is another. Several years ago I read his amazing book on Bobby Thompson, Ralph Branca, the Dodgers and Giants in a fateful baseball game, The Echoing Green. I knew nothing about him. Last week I moseyed over to TED Talks on You Tube and came across a talk he gave at TED this year. I was immediately entranced. At age 19 he was severely injured in an accident in Jerusalem. Twenty years later he returns to meet the truck driver that changed his life.

I was mesmerized by his story and his telling of it.

I realized that this is what I have been reading and thinking about in some of the Attention Interpretation Therapy program I have been in. All the themes from gratitude to acceptance, forgiveness to meaning are right here.

The TED blog website has this to say:

“This,” Prager quotes, “is the last of the human freedoms: to choose our attitude in any human circumstance.” The aging and the anxious, the divorced and balding and bankrupt … everyone can choose to rise above bad fortune, to enjoy community, study, work, adventure, friendship, love. The good.
Take the 18 minutes to watch this. Put it in full-screen and watch Joshua's face and story grow. Be amazed. Be changed.

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