Sunday, February 24, 2013

Some More Thoughts on Meaning

The meaning of life… deeper meaning
                It pulls you through suffering or
                Pulls you into it as you seek
For answers.

Meaning is a deep question-
                About life and existence
What IS the meaning of life if it
                Ends in death?

We are back to the First Step- we are
Death is the ultimate powerlessness,
                The Ultimate against which we
                Fight and argue
                And build dikes of denial and doubt
                Against despair and desperation.

Until one day the question is clear. It is no longer
                A question. It is
                A statement beyond awareness,
Broader than faith
                Deeper than hope.

There IS meaning to life
It ends in death. Life’s very value comes because
Life is time-limited. It is finite-
                Filled with option that will end.

Is that okay?
                Is that acceptable?
There is no other option so it
                Must be.

Therefore run with it,
                Believe it
                                Act like it.
There you will find the meaning,
Not in words, perhaps, but in
                Soul and Spirit.

Look around. Become mindful.
                Be aware.
Let your experience be spun
                Into new ideas,
                New perspectives,
                New dreams.

Meaning will come. It will live and
                Become more alive each day.

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