Saturday, September 15, 2012

One Week to Go

We have one week until we move. I have been writing about the mental process I have been wrestling through cleaning, downsizing, recycling, throwing away. We had a friend come over and help do some packing the past few days because, as would be expected, other things have gotten in the way.

First, we were both sick with a nasty cold.

Then my wife's cold turns into pneumonia.

Finally, I trip over a packing box and smash my knee into the floor, precipitating a trip to the Emergency Room and a brace on my left knee.

To say this has slowed us down is to state the obvious. So we are more than simply grateful for friends! Things are looking better today with seven days until the move across town to a smaller town house. Downsized.

One of the interesting side effects of all this has been a feeling of comfort as things decreased in number. I was told a few weeks ago by another friend who went through this last year that there will be a sense of freedom set in as you let go of the weight of things. While there is still a sense of grief and loss over the changes, there IS also that feeling of letting go. There IS a response that we are not as burdened as we had been.

Yes, it is getting to the tough days when you feel like screaming, "Enough!" and then throwing it all in boxes and moving them. So far I have generally resisted that urge. I know if I do that some of the boxes would remain taped and forgotten for the next five years. So I will carry on.

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