Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Fine Late-Summer Day

Game 9 for the year for me today. What a beauty of a day at Target Field.

The grass along the All-Star Twins Hall of Fame outside the stadium was golden. Sun was out. Temp pleasantly warm.

Baseball is a summer game and it was a perfect summer day.

Well, at least the weather was. The game? Well, here's the highlight picture for the Twins:

A home run by Joe Mauer.

That's it.

Final score:
White Sox 9
Twins 2

I have one more game to go this year- in 10 days against the Yankees, a mid-week day game. Then we will be done for another summer.

But, as has been announced, in less than two years 
our nice little park in the downtown Minneapolis 'hood will host the All-Star game.

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