Thursday, June 23, 2011

It's a Lot Like Work

...and I hope it works.

Ten days ago I posted about some of my physical problems I have been facing again- namely lower back-related issues. My calves are in bad shape, but fortunately it is neither from lack of exercise or vascular issues. It appears to truly be related to my lower back problems which have been around for quite a few years now.

Sidebar Note: I remembered this last week when the news was talking about the 7th anniversary of the
O. J. Simpson slow-speed chase in the white Bronco. I was in Miami for a Mission Conference
when that happened- and in a lot of pain from the first MAJOR flare-up that almost got me a surgery.

Anyway, my calves are still stiff and painful when I walk, but all I do is walk a little more slowly and it takes longer to get places. I don't have a spine clinic appointment until mid-July and I am now beginning to think it may be an acute flare-up and not truly part of the chronic problem.

So I have continued to limp and exercise. Fortunately the calves don't hurt when I am on the elliptical machine or the bike!

But I also mentioned in that post 10 days ago that I had signed up for a fitness/weight-loss/strength program. That started last night.

I survived. Including the strength part in my upper body that is not in all that good a shape. We were introduced to the Mayo Clinic Diet Book which we are using for the weight section of the program. (The real one, not the fake one that has been around the net for a few years.) I know I need to have better nutrition. All those donuts and sugary things I eat are bad, bad, bad. I have a hunch (just a hunch?) that this is why as I work out more, I have continued to gain weight.

The most difficult thing in this whole fitness program, I am convinced, will be the first two weeks when in the Diet they say- No Sugar! None! Nada! If it is one of the first several ingredients on the label, skip it.

Do you realize how many things have some form of sugar as one of the first three ingredients? Yep. Even that healthy low-fat yogurt has that. Or the artificial sweeteners that only increase our desire to eat. My Body Mass Index (BMI) is in the low-obese range- which means I am really just quite short for my weight.

Isn't denial a wonderful thing?

But I actually enjoyed the class last evening and will see how this whole diet thing goes. At least the health issues with my back seem to be manageable.

Now about all that sugar?

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Anonymous said...

Good news Barry, I see my doc next week about my back - rather than physio I'm doing water exercises etc.

All the best with the diet changes.:^)


Acedog said...

Good luck with the "overhaul." I admire your effort, brother!