Friday, June 24, 2011


A digital camera that will store enough information that will allow you to change the center of focus AFTER you have taken the picture?

A company called Lytro is saying they have just that- and that it will be a revolution in photography. They say it will be commercially available by the end of the year.

See what I mean when I say amazing?

No more out-of-focus shots because the auto-focus just won't lock in on the right little part of the scene. Just go to the post-production and re-focus.

The breakthrough is a different type of sensor that captures what are known as light fields — basically, all the light that is moving in all directions in the view of the camera. That offers several advantages over traditional photography, the most revolutionary of which is that photos no longer need to be focused before they are taken.

I have no idea what that means technically, but it sounds exciting as well as the claim that it will be competitively priced.

What will they think of next?

Link to story on All Things D

That link has some pictures that demonstrate the technique.

And here is one of the pictures. Go ahead and play with it. You will agree with me.

Link to Lytro.

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