Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Lackluster Season Continues

I overheard someone using that phrase earlier today as we woke up to clouds and rain moving in from the west.


It sure describes this evening's radar:

Rain has been the norm after a snowy winter. Even when they had predicted a great weather weekend around here. It was supposed to be another beautiful day.

Now I am not criticizing the weather forecasters. We all know that weather is incredibly fickle, changeable, and ultimately apt to change at the drop of an isobar.  But we are getting tired of this.

The season does lack the bright luster of sunny days. It isn't a very exciting season.

But I also have to admit that the green is quite deep and lush. Then, when we get a drought we will complain about that as well. Now that I have all that out of my system I can get back to enjoying the evening. After all, it doesn't get dark until after 9:00. I need to enjoy it while I can.

After all this IS Minnesota and winter isn't far behind.

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