Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Following the 10th- Home!

This is part of a series following my father's 10th Armored Division in World War II seventy years ago. He was a medic with the 80th Medical Battalion assigned to the 10th Armored, part of Patton’s Third Army.

12 September 1945-
The 10th Armored departed for Marseilles, France, from which they sailed for home.
  • 9/17- Had a letter from Buddy saying he left for home Wednesday the 12th
  • 9/19- Letter from Buddy saying he would be home soon
4 October 1945
Tenth Armored traveled to US- USAT JW Andrew
  •  10/8- Buddy’s clothes came today
  • 10/12- Buddy called from Camp Dix at 10.00. Gee I was excited
Mid-October 1945
Upon debarkation in the United States, the 10th Armored Division was inactivated at Camp Patrick Henry, Virginia. After release, they were transported to a camp near their home, hence the call from Camp Dix.
  • 10/19 (Friday)- Buddy called. Said he would be here tomorrow.
  • 10/20- 1:45- Father, Ruth, and I went to the train to meet Harold and Dora
For the 10th Armored Division, the 80th Medical Battalion of the 10th Armored and my Dad- the war was over. They had done their job and done it with great courage and determination. It was time to be home and let life begin again.

I will have a couple more posts bringing this series to a close between now and mid-November. These will include some of my personal reflections on this past year of following the 10th Armored/80th Medical in the last year of World War II in 1944-45. It has been quite a journey for me.

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walt kaiser said...

love following personal histories. I got involved in genealogy a decade ago. Found that my grandfather served on the USS Arizona, have his med records from it. That was about 1919. Like I said love personal accounts.Thanks for sharing.