Wednesday, October 21, 2015

We've Been Here Before, Haven't We?

October 21, 2015

We were here nearly 30 years ago riding hover boards, cheering the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, making video phone calls, holographic movies.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Yes, I am kind of jumping on the cultural bandwagon of Back to the Future Part II. Today is the day Marty McFly and the crazy doctor landed in the future. I could get all philosophical and say that it is now no longer back to the future, but back to what used to be the future. Kind of like after 1984, 1984 isn't futuristic any more.

Like I used to try to confuse my daughter saying, "You know we aren't there, yet, because we can never get there. Once we are there, it's no longer there, but here."

(She didn't care for it that much, either.)

In any case, here we are and people are going crazy about what they got right and what they got wrong. We are searching for how the future of today is so different from the future of yesterday.

Let's just stop. It was a movie, people. It wasn't supposed to be future-telling. It was imagination. It was fun. Let's not take it too seriously. Let's just enjoy it.

So if you see Marty McFly today, ignore him. He's not there. Neither is that DeLorean dropping out of nowhere. It's all in your head. It's not happening.

But watch out for the Cubs. I hope THEY are real. (But it will now take a miracle.)

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