Friday, March 14, 2014

Taking a Break...

... from semi-retirement.

Well, after three months of the much sought-after and ballyhooed move into semi-retirement back on December 4, I am filling in full-time back at work.

That was short-lived.

Three months of semi-retirement, including the month in Alabama moved back to the old 8 to 5 routine this past Tuesday. Thanks to a need at work they called me and wondered if I could come in and sub for a while.

Sure. Why not?

After all it's still cold outside and it could snow some more and I'm just a good guy willing to help out.

So now, after three days back at work (in a job I truly love, by the way!) it has gone well. I have agreed on 6 - 8 weeks, if needed, which would take me to Easter or the first week of May. We will look at the needs after that, if I am still needed in the full-time position.

But, it's interesting to reflect on it. I am enjoying it since I enjoy the job. That gives me a moment's pause of how I responded to a previous generation who I saw as being unwilling to retire.

I don't think that's what I'm doing. The difference is in many aspects I have a control over my time, now, that I never had at any time in my adult working career of over 40 years. It is by choice that I am doing what I am doing- and caring for the work that is being done.

Yes, it is curtailing some of my new or renewed activities for the moment, but they haven't disappeared.

And, I have a perspective on how good I feel after these past 3 months. The "taking care of myself" without some of the stress and tension that work can bring is refreshing. As I sat in the office yesterday thinking about how lucky I am, I was humbled.

It is good to have a skill that can be used and that I can still use. It is good to be able to share with my co-workers. Finally, it is doing something I like.

Sure, it's nice to have the extra money and stretch what I have until I turn 66 and can take full Social Security. I can put some more aside for some trips and "toys."

But that isn't worth it if I am unhappy. Life's too short.

How blessed am I!

A day of gratitude without any doubt.

And I can always go back to semi-retirement hours at any time.

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