Wednesday, February 19, 2014

What a Great National Park

Only in New Orleans!

A National Historical Park.

On New Orleans jazz. Yep!

Found it just in time for an hour long performance of piano jazz history in New Orleans. The leader was nothing short of remarkable. He played that stride piano style as if he was born playing it. He had tons of interesting information to add to the music- all of which was played without music.

Personally, I am excited by the whole idea that this American native musical style has its own national park!

Naturally there is a quote from Pops himself on the wall.

And outside, just up the walk, is a diorama-type sculpture.

Here's the trombone!

New Orleans is THE place for this park- and for another one just the other side of the French Quarter.

The Louis Armstrong Park along
N. Rampart St.

A Dixieland Band sculpture greets you when you enter.

Of course.

And, larger than life, which is a perfect description of the man himself, a statue of Pops. Louis (Satchmo) Armstrong.

And that's only a beginning. What a joy of a city.

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