Tuesday, February 18, 2014

A Fine Day's Ride

Sunday was a beauty of a day on the Gulf coast of Alabama, so I set out for Florida. Well, I didn't expect to make it but I was only a few miles short as I crossed the Perdido Pass bridge and stopped at the state park beach access. I gave old Trusty Trek a rest and walked a mile and a half or so, just enjoying the day, the sun, the water, the birds.

All in all it was a 22 mile round trip. I can't believe how good a shape I am in this year. All that stationary bike riding- and the loss of 30 pounds in the past year- sure are making this a fun trip.

Can't wait to see what I find next.

The bridge across Perdido Pass. Yes, I biked it.

Trusty Trek taking a rest at the beach

One big old heron

Perdido Pass looking to the Gulf of Mexico

The view from the top of the bridge (above.)

Landing. This one was on the way home. Birds are everywhere.

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