Thursday, February 20, 2014

Never Forget

I had the honor of finally getting to see the National World War II Museum in New Orleans this past week. Part of the museum is a remarkable movie presentation on the war, Beyond All Boundaries. I will be posting more about the museum at a future time. For now, as the son of a WW II veteran, it came to me as I watched the movie and was overwhelmed (again and again) by the sheer power and extent of that war.

It is, I pray, a war that can never be repeated. In order for that, I feel it is essential that we never forget that war and what it meant, not just for those who fought and died, but the incredible way in which the whole nation and the world were intimately affected day in and day out.

I realized, again as a member of the generation these WW II vets brought into the world, my generation now has the responsibility. Many of the members of the "greatest generation" are gone. Their numbers are rapidly dwindling; we their children, are left to keep the story alive.

It is a powerful and frightening story of desires for world domination, of great terror, of great sacrifice, of great death.

Never again.

Therefore, never forget.

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