Thursday, January 02, 2014

It Was a Very Good Year

The year is gone- and a new one has begun. It is difficult to summarize a year, of course. Here are some numbers from my 2013.

Reading and movies are a big part of my life. They take me to many places and open my world in more ways than I can begin to count. But here are 77 of them:

59 = Number of books read
18 = Number of movies seen

But life is more than sitting and having my world opened. I had to get up and move around, too. These numbers sure helped make my life even better.
    49 = Number of days biking outside
  116 = Number of days biking indoors (165 days!)
1,534 = Total number of biking miles (indoor and out)
Partly as a result of the above, but also because of I needed to do so by watching what I ate and how I ate, this is the number I am proudest of:
30 = pounds lost
THIS is one non-number that makes me excited for 2014.
Semi-retirement = best personal action of the year
``` ~~~ ~~~ ~~~ ```
 And, yes, I have some goals for 2014 that include:
   15 = additional pounds to lose
 250 = number of days biking (outdoors and in)
    2 = Books started and at least partly written
    2 = Fitness instructor/trainer certifications earned
    1 = MLB All-Star game activities at Target Field
365 = Days to be surprised at what is in store

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