Friday, August 30, 2013

A Thought from Behind the Keyboard

Some days you just want to crawl into a hole and pull it in after you. From depths of uncertainty comes the feeling that enough is enough.

Usually the thoughts pop up when things seem the least likely to make sense. You shake your head and wonder what the hell life is all about. No, not in a giving-up kind of way; just the confused way that keeps looking for answers and insights and direction.

Sometimes the answer is just not there. Sometimes the questions are simply the lack of control one feels over the environment, the politics, the world, other people and on... and on... and on.

I have discovered that when that happens I need to do something creative that is totally unrelated to anything I'm trying to figure out. At those moments I play my trumpet or dig out my journal and pen and get the physical pleasure of writing on paper. Or I sit here behind the keyboard having done some writing and editing on an upcoming post or article for Blogcritics.

Life drifts slowly back to the center. It doesn't seem quite the way it did before. Even though I haven't solved anything and all those things over which I have no power, influence or leverage are still there, they have lost their monstrous frame and look like just another day's journey through life.

For me that was this week's post-modern pilgrimage. In the middle was creativity, and music, and people I like being with. It keeps me mindful of what is important and not to sweat the small stuff- which is just about everything around me each day. In the great scheme of things, most things are small things.

Can't get much better than that.

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