Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A New Countdown?

Yep, over there in the right sidebar. See it? Maybe you have already noticed it before this. As of today it shows 15 weeks or about 105 days (give or take as of the time you are reading this.) If you even care- and there's no reason to care either way- it is a countdown to Dec. 3, 2013.

For one thing that will be the 6th anniversary of the current job I have. It is also the end of a pay period.

But more to the point, it is the day when what has been 40 years of adult careers will change. It will be my first step toward retirement. It will most likely be my last day of "full-time" work. As the pay period begins on Wednesday that week, I will be working part-time, perhaps as "part-time" as two days/week where I am currently working in addictions. I will be heading in the official direction of retirement.

What that will mean is still quite unclear. I do not anticipate sitting around the other days of the week. I have a list of what I might like to accomplish, such as:

  • Free-lance writing
  • Training as a group fitness instructor
  • Looking for some part-time teaching opportunities
  • Finishing several short stories that have been percolating for a while
  • Doing some real video work
  • Practicing my trumpet more
  • Picking up the guitar again and looking at some bluegrass opportunities
  • Reading
  • Improving my Spanish comprehension
Some of these may bring in some income, others will keep me mentally and physically fit enough to earn some money. Mostly it will give me more time with my wife and visiting friends and, well, just learning and growing.

How it will all work out is still a question. But I am beginning to get excited.

I'll keep you posted- and wish me luck.

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