Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Milestone and a Record Week

This was quite a cycling week.
I worked six days this week so I also bike commuted six days!

That's  the record- six days commuting in a row! Which was 71 miles.


Putting all the stationary miles (504) and road bike miles (516) together for this year, I passed 1000 miles.

My wife commented that biking to work was like playing before and after work. It sure helps to start the day with some nice exercise, watching the river and creek, listening for the same duck quack at the same place along the ride every morning. I am now riding in just before the sun comes up. In a river valley that means places of fog kind of drifting upward while the light illuminates it. I am awed every morning.

THAT is a great way to start each day- in awe of the creation.

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Remigius said...

PM Pilgrim, that is impressive commuting! Six miles each way six days, I wish I was quite that dedicated. Though I assume that in the winter that might be a little more challenging for you.