Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Day to Simply Enjoy

It was one of those special days.

  • The Polished Brass Quintet played at St. Luke's Episcopal Church this morning. It was very satisfying.

  • My wife and I did our almost always Sunday lunch at the best Mexican restaurant in town- El Carambas. It was also very satisfying and gave me tomorrow's lunch as well.

  • I spent some good time cleaning up my computer room/office of some of its clutter. That gave me a sense of accomplishment.

  • I went to Tai Chi this afternoon. That was uplifting.

  • After supper I practiced my trumpet with a concert coming up in about two weeks. Things are improving well.

  • Then I sat and read for an hour or so in the backyard while the sun gave its last glow of the day. That was satisfying as well.

In short- what a wonderfully simple and satisfying time. I think that's what mindfulness, being in the moment and living one day at a time is all about.

Changes are on the horizon with the Big 65 coming next week and retirement possibilities getting closer. It is a time to be grateful, reflective, and mindful.

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