Wednesday, June 05, 2013

The Wonder of a Sunday Ride

TreeNoteful thoughts of a June 2 Ride

The wonder of a Sunday bike ride
Rain has been the word of the spring.
I have a long three-day ride planned for my birthday in exactly 9 weeks.
Will I be ready to do 44 miles/day?

Today I did 28.6. Starting with hills. Up some good ones, down some and then back up.

I am in decent shape. It goes well.

After 6 miles of that I get on the trail- a rails-to-trails ride. The hills are gentle.

Closed1I continue to do well. I have a hunch that losing 16 pounds since mid-March has helped. It’s 16 pounds I’m not pedaling up the trail! Hopefully lose ten more in the next 9 weeks.

I hit the “Trail Closed” sign; but the bridgework has been stymied by the weather and is behind schedule. Trail NOT closed today. Keep moving.

Another few miles and there is a tree across the trail. Not difficult to cross, but I’m beginning to feel the ride. It’s 13+ miles and I still need to go back.

Turn around.

Saw some guys out searching for morel mushrooms. I stayed far away since I know how rabid morel mushroom hunters get in protecting their discoveries.

Kept on riding.

At the end, barely making it on easy small rises, but still skimming along the flats at speeds unheard of just a year ago.

One last decision- an extra two miles to check on the eagle’s nest along the river? Will it be worth it? It's just around the corner from home. Could walk it if needed.

First, though, I see a coyote. Yep, right here along the river and inhabited land. Couldn't get a picture. Moved too fast for my slowing body.

Eagle1Easy answer to the "Should I have done this? Question- I come around the bend and have the nest in sight. The eagle is there. Stop for some pictures.

A great ending with 2 miles still to go. No, the eagle didn’t transfer any special energy or power. But what a ride.

Will I be ready in nine weeks? Why not! Just keep on keeping on.

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