Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Annotated Baseball


Game two for the year as the Twins hosted the Seattle Mariners for a Saturday noon game at Target Field. The Mariners should have seemed right at home after all the rain we've been getting. But at game time it was a beauty of a day. The SUN was even out.

So here are some of the pictures with annotations for explanation and thought.



This was an interesting shot. The heavy bats and all the thing-a-ma-jigs that they use in the on-deck circle. Looked like pipes or other instruments of various uses.


But the clouds started to move back by the 4th inning and in the 5th we could feel the shift in the wind. First it changed direction then it got cooler.  Rain. The standard operating principle of weather around here this spring.


A couple of fun shots showed up. The shortstop tripped trying to get the ball and slid forward, over the ball as the batter was safe at second on an error.


But it's those pesky flies- to the outfield- that just seem to drop in for a hit. Nice for the Twins.

As I sat there at one point that wasn't all that exciting I composed these two shots.
They say baseball is played between the lines.
The way they cut the grass seems to prove it.

Then I used Paint Shop Pro to put them together.


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