Sunday, April 21, 2013

Continuing Growth

Over the past several years I have taken several steps in the direction of continuing personal growth. It really started to kick in a little over 5 years ago when, in preparation to turning 60, I started exercising to do a 60 mile bike ride along the Pine Creek Rail Trail in northern Pennsylvania. I have done a number of other things including taking some trumpet lessons, playing my trumpet on a very regular basis in three different groups, developing my mindfulness training, and still exercising.

This afternoon I added another item to my list. I did my first session of Tai Chi at the healthy living center. I have heard of Tai Chi and known a little bit about it for many years, but have never taken the opportunity to do it. I decided that I would rectify that today.

It was really neat. I felt a calm and body/soul connection as I went through the movements. I began ever so slightly to feel the movement. It was quite an experience. I also saw how it applies to meditation practice. The deliberate movement, in slow motion, allows the breath and body to work together in a deepened awareness. It is a helpful addition to my mindfulness growth. Our western cultural practice of separating mind, body, and soul into non-connected boxes, sure leaves us short-changed.

I know I have a long way to go in this. It does look like an intriguing practice.

Sidenote: An interesting aspect of it is that 45-minutes of a slow, deliberate series of movements can impact muscles like I am feeling this evening AND, according to some websites, it uses as many calories as my 30-minute, 7 mile bike ride. Huh!

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