Thursday, September 27, 2012

I'm Back

Whoa! What a time it has been.

We are moved. And it wasn't a cake walk. I have found out that the older you get the more difficult things become. We didn't do the actual heavy-lifting. We did the packing (with help) and unpacking (also with help. Thanks Betsy and Karen!!!!)

But there is only so much energy in a mid-60-something body. And there are too many boxes, and incidentals and what we call "twizzles" that collect even AFTER all those trips to the trash, recycling, and second-hand store. They get crammed into a space with one less room and 250 less in square footage. I did manage to get the desk-top and Internet connected, but the lack of energy has been something to behold.

It is downright scary.

But we are here. We are working at decreasing the box count as well as the trash amount. Time will tell.

But I do sure feel older.

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