Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Three Weeks Gone- Starting on Four

Today begins the Fourth Week of my fitness challenge/program at the local healthy living center. Over these three full weeks I have lost 9+ pounds. That is little changed from last week thanks to several days of no exercise this past week due to some health issues and appointments. But it also means that I maintained the diet part of the challenge.

I actually continued, for the most part, the challenge of the first two weeks to stay away from processed sugar and artificial sweeteners, to eat more fruits and vegetables, to eat out less and eat healthier when I did. I was a huge success at those. Water has actually begun to taste good as has decaf tea without any sweeteners.

In the exercise part I have done some active spinning (cycling) classes (45-50 minutes each), 25 - 45 minute sessions on the elliptical machine and the regular biking workouts. The strength training part has been a little more difficult, finding the time and actually doing it. But I have managed some. That will be my emphasis in the next week or so.

In short, I am feeling quite good about myself and what I have been doing. I will hopefully drop below the 190 lb. level this week for the first time in over a year!

Plus I am feeling good. Who would have thought it?

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