Wednesday, June 15, 2011

(Sort of) Action Pics

Went to the Twins/Rangers game last Sunday. It was a cool day- the sun didn't really come out until the game was over. But the Twins looked good behind the pitching of Francisco Liriano who had a no-hitter through seven innings. There was not a lot of action or unusual pictures to take so these three will have to do.

Liriano with Relievers pre-game against Rangers
Relievers heading to bullpen while Liriano heads to the dugout at the start of the game.

Liriano Pitching against Rangers
Liriano's delivery. He had a season high 9 strikeouts and looked really fine!

Josh Hamilton (Rangers) Out At First
My Rangers hero- Josh Hamilton- being thrown out at first.

Next game for me- this Saturday against the Padres.

Go Twins, Go.

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