Sunday, August 22, 2010

One Week To Go

Duathlon is an athletic event that consists of a running leg, followed by a cycling leg and then another running leg in a format bearing some resemblance to triathlons.

The largest duathlon in the United States is the Minneapolis Duathlon in Minnesota put on by the Team Ortho Foundation. In 2009, its first year, it had more than 1,000 participants. 68% of the participants were new to the sport of duathlon.
And the date for the 2010 Minneapolis Duathlon is Sunday, August 29. That is next Sunday morning. And, at age 62, I will be doing my very first ever duathlon. I will be doing the "Fun Course" (but it's all supposed to be fun, isn't it?) That means that it will be shorter and there will be no awards given. Just the satisfaction of having done it.

I have only been specifically training for this for about 8 weeks when I added "running" to be weekly workouts. I am still doing running and walking (4 min. running/1minute walking about 5 - 6 times). That is still well beyond the 1.5 miles of the course next week. And the biking will be only 12 miles, well within my 20-25 mile "easier" capacity.

Overall, I am excited. I ran one race once before in my life- a 5K, I think- in York, PA, about 30 years ago. Now, it is a whole new world for me. The result- mentally and physically- will help me decide whether I will do another one a couple weeks later in Pine Island. One of my co-workers has challenged me to do it with her. That one is 3.5 mile runs and 21 miles biking. THAT would be a stretch but I am told there is no shame in walking- even across the finish line.

I will keep you posted.

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