Monday, June 26, 2017


Much to my own amazement, I have been having a difficult time writing about anything outside the two major issues I have been working on.

The first has been the ongoing development of The Tuning Slide blog and book containing the first two years of posts. My mind has been heavily involved in getting the book finished and ready for people to order it from Amazon. That will happen after July 1 when both the hard-copy and eBook will go live. I am also doing the Go Fund Me page again this year to give copies of the book to the students at the Shell Lake Arts Center Trumpet Workshop starting July 30. (Go Fund Me Link.) (I will post a link here when it is live on Amazon.)

The other project occupying my mind is a presentation I hope to do in the fall about addictions and treatment. Right now I am in the research and brainstorming stage about how deep I want to go and what needs to be set aside for lack of time. I will probably start blogging some of it here in the next month or so if I can keep the sorting going.

I continue to play lots of music with lots of practicing. I have started working out again (Yay!!!) and have lost weight to the tune of about 5% since May 1. (Double YAY!!!) As usual my photography has declined from what it was while in Alabama for the winter, although I hope to get some time out in the "wilds".

Other stuff- like working, since after all I am only "semi-retired" still- has also been involving my life and time. In short, I'm having fun. I have had a difficult time writing and reflecting on what is happening politically. Even after my winter series of posts on The Dark Night and Bonhoeffer, I am still facing difficulty in putting my thoughts into words. I am generally feeling very discouraged by all sides in the current political nightmare we are facing. Maybe one of these days I will take some time to write. But I guess I'm still not ready. It is just too painful.

I am hoping to get back on track here soon. Videos, reflections, memories, etc. are still around. Need to get back to them.

To close out, here is a video from the Shell Lake Arts Center Adult Big Band Workshop from a couple weekends ago. It contains my 12-bar solo, so I must post it!

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