Thursday, May 11, 2017

No Excuse Zone

I have no excuse for not posting much in the past few weeks other than the Tuning Slide series. But I do have some reasons. Not that I need to explain to you, my faithful reader(s?) but since I am feeling guilty and am avoiding doing what I should be doing, here goes.

  • Top reason is simply that I have been editing and formatting the two years of Tuning Slide posts into a new book. I did one last year of year one. Well, I decided to put year one and year two together in one book to give to this year's Shell Lake Trumpet Workshop students. That has been taking my time.
  •  Next reason is I have also been busy with some ethics committee stuff for a presentation two weeks ago. 
  • Third reason is that I have gotten fed up (pun intended) with my overweight and out of shape-ness. That means I have spent some more time in the gym working out. I am trying to keep from falling into making things worse. An extra hour or two a day does take away from my writing. 
  • Number four is that I have also upped my trumpet practice time. There goes another hour per day. 
  • Finally, I have absolutely no idea what to say about what is happening in Washington. At least without using words that are not safe for a family-friendly blog. My mind is completely out of sorts with the shenanigans, the insanity, the complete idiocy of the actions of the President. When I'm not angry, I'm sad. When I'm not sad I am afraid. Most of the time I am just flabbergasted that the GOP congress hasn't stood up to his bullying, gaslighting, abusive personality.  
Perhaps one of these days soon, after the Tuning Slide book is off to Amazon, I will get back into the swing of things. Until then, my apologies for being so out of it. I am working on it!

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