Sunday, October 02, 2016

Always Study Time

One of the people I know from hanging around the local coffee shop walked in this evening with his books and computer.

Study time,
I said to him.
he replied.

I am sure he has no idea how true that statement can be. Or perhaps how true that statement should be. As I continue to get older (the only one of the two options I like) I find it more and more interesting to continue to study.

I study politics. I study quantum physics. I study trumpet playing. I study how to publish my own books. I study new ideas in my career field. I study theology. I study new ideas!

I do this through books and magazines, through Podcasts and TV shows, through walking into the library and scanning the new books.

It's endless.

And it's fun.

It keeps me from acting out my oldness by keeping an open mind.

Keep studying. It's worth it.

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