Saturday, October 01, 2016

A 50-Year Memory: Video for October

One month into my freshman year in college in 1966 and I was finding my way to the college radio station which, along with band, would take up a great deal of my college time. (Sure, grades suffered, but none of it was wasted!)

The last week of September and the first two weeks of October a group called The Association
took over the airwaves with Cherish, their first #1 hit, but not as good, in my opinion as the earlier Along Comes Mary. They would perform at my college in another year or so when I had an opportunity to interview them for the radio station.

But the song of the month on campus took #1 nationally for two weeks in the month. It was our top song since they would be the headliner at the Houseparty concert. THAT was a big deal. No, as a poor, shy naive frosh I didn't go to the concert. But the first chords of this song transport me back those 50 years like few songs do.

The Four Tops-
Reach Out, I'll Be There.

Motown at its very best!

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