Sunday, September 11, 2016

Fifteen Years Gone: Never Forget

It is not about looking back and fanning fires of hatred and anger.
It is not about revenge any more, if it ever should have been.
It is about hope
and freedom
and being Americans together.

If we keep looking back we will never move forward.
If we only remember what happened we will leave those who died stuck in a world of no hope.

To look at what we can do and be - Americans of all colors and faith, all ethnic and cultural varieties...

that is the ongoing legacy of 9/11

a spur to move into a world where freedom is possible for all
and an incentive to sing our own individual hymns to freedom.

The video I produced last year after my visit to Freedom Tower, One World Trade Center holds up that hope with the inspiration of Oscar Peterson's moving Hymn to Freedom. Never Forget- and keep moving forward.

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