Monday, June 13, 2016

Calling Out Racism and Prejudice

Bill Moyers online presence last week posted an article by Todd Gitlin. (Link) It was titled

Trump’s Actual Racism and How It’s Thrived: Why has it taken so long for Republicans and for the media to call him on it?
He describes in some detail the history of Trump's racist statements showing that it didn't just start with an Indiana-born judge who just happens to be the judge in a case involving Trump U.
rhetorical excesses are not what’s roiling American politics. What we’re hearing is the white supremacy that speaks unabashedly of roundups, walls and rapists of color. Winking and nodding won’t serve the Republicans anymore. Dog whistles have been superseded.

Vox writer German Lopez isn’t having any of it:
“…Instead of calling it like it is, CBS News, MSNBC, The Washington Post and The New York Times have called Trump’s comments about Curiel ‘racially charged’ and ‘racially tinged.’ the weasel words the media typically uses to describe racism. It makes one wonder: What would it take for them to finally call Trump or his remarks just plainly racist? If claiming a qualified, vetted judge shouldn’t be able to do his job because of his race and ethnicity isn’t racist, then what the hell is?”
Oh, and then there's the oft-heard line that the African-Americans (you know, like the President of the United States) are racist against whites. Not to be too picky a wordsmith, but racism from a minority to a majority is not the definition of racism. There may be prejudice or discrimination, but it is not racism. Racism is a structural system of one race oppressing another, stereotyping them, keeping them from truly being part of the culture and nation.

After yesterday's killings it will only get worse. We will blame Muslim terrorism and ignore things like how it's okay for a terrorist to get a gun so easily. We will call for banning Muslims, but what will we do about those who are born in the United States? Deport American citizens? Put them in camps? Both have been done in the past. Our fear can do it again. Blaming all Muslims would be like blaming all Christians for the actions of the KKK.

I am tired of this. I am sick and tired of our national fear and anger leading us down paths of hatred and death and war.

Lord, help our human failings. Guide us in a way of peace.

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