Friday, June 10, 2016

Another 100 Added

Post # 6,300.

Since I started this blog of wanderings in March 2003 I have been having a great time. I have written about many things that struck my fancy. I have done special series's of posts on the church, my Dad's service in World War 2, music and life, photos for Advent, Lent, Easter, Sundays, and Saints.

And I'm not done.

I have had a kind of slow-down in posts over the past 6 - 9 months, down from my obsessive-compulsive having at least one post per day. I have been involved in other projects and enjoying my semi-retirement.

I have sort of reoriented myself into a new daily and weekly schedule. I seem to be back at a little more regular wandering posts as opposed to my ongoing special series. I have ended my regular Sunday and Saints photo and quote posts but haven't decided where I want to go next with those kind of posts. On the side I am working (very slowly) on editing the series on my Dad into a non-fiction essay. It was a significant experience for me and am figuring out how to share that. I also continue to be a non-paid, advanced, almost full-time amateur musician.

I have no idea how many of you are out there regularly or even sporadically reading this blog. I hope I bring ideas to you and make you think, or react, or just laugh. I am still enjoying it after 13+ years and 6,300 posts.

Let me know if you want me to talk about anything. I won't promise to do it, but I will think about it.

And remember:
Not all who wander are lost.
-J. R. R. Tolkein

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