Friday, March 11, 2016

Thirteen Years of This Wandering

Thirteen years ago, this was the first "real" post on this blog. (There had been two kind-of test posts.) It gave a summation of what I thought being a Christian in a postModern World might look like.

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

The Post Modern World. The only place where we as Christians have to live. Sure, some of us would want to live in an earlier age when it was easy being a Christian. Just be born in the community and you are one. Some of us look for the good, old days (which in reality were neither) when the Church was the center of the Western Universe. Today it is becoming a choice to be a Christian. Of course it always has been. We are discovering that being a Christian is only the first step. It then takes growth and struggle and joy and community to move toward being a disciple. In the Post-Modern World, the decision becomes an important one since the world is now asking if we are real. And we are real when our actions and our words make sense.
A lot has happened in these 13 years. That is over 6,200 posts ago. Yet being a Christian is perhaps even more uncertain than it was then. We still have political candidates who want to return America to being a Christian nation, yet they suggest things that are far from the way I understand the way Christians are supposed to act. I guess we still have the mega-churches out there, but they don't seem to making the same kind of news like they did then. Being spiritual but not religious has become a way of life for many.

Being real as a follower of Jesus is what the question remains. I'm not always sure what that means since most of us are not as "real" in our actions as we like to think we are. Myself included. It is easy to get confused sometimes.

But we continue to work at it. Whether we are now aging, Sr. Citizen Baby Boomers or Millennials or whatever  the other groups might be, we are all still in this together.

I guess on that front not much as changed in 13 years. Let's hope we can continue this wandering as people of spirituality in the next thirteen.

I head now into the next year of this blog. This is still the only time and place where we can live it.

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Dim Lamp said...

Congratulations on 13 years of blogging. I have two blogs. My Wordpress blog is going to be 10 years old come April 5th: Dimlamp
My Blogger blog was 8 years old on March 6th: Dimlamp Two