Friday, January 15, 2016

My Top Ten

As I said last week, I have been posting pictures to a couple sites. Without going into the details for fear of being told I'm seeking for votes for my pictures, I thought I would post what have been among my Top Ten pictures over the past month. I am actually proud of what has been chosen. But I am also surprised by what is interesting to people and what isn't. Some of my own favorites are down toward the bottom of the Top 100+. Guess that shows that taste is in each person's perspective and beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder.

Any way here are the Top 10.

#10. Spring in Rochester
# 9 Catching Surf in Clearwater, FL
# 8 Cones and Spring Color

#7 Biking Bridge Park Rapids, MN
#6 Rochester Peace Plaza at Christmas

#5 Heavy Surf Gulf Shores, AL

#4 Quote (Gulf Shores, AL)

#3 Fall Leaves Great Bluff Park, Minnesota

#2 Pelican Take-off Gulf Shores, AL

I have to say that #1 is also one of my all-time favorites, taken almost 13 years ago now.

#1 Bridge in Winter, Mt. Morris Camp and Conference Center, Wisconsin

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