Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Biking Challenge

The National Bike Challenge starts Friday, May 1 and continues through September 30- the best 5 months of the year for many of us to bike. They are hoping to get 75,000 participants this year. The goal is 35 million miles in these months.
(This is only out-in-the-real-world rides, not trainers, stationary, etc.)

I'm not planning anything extraordinary for this year. I am hoping to ride more than I did last summer. I was really lax with only around 120 outdoor miles over the five months of nearly 400 total miles if you include stationary bikes. Maybe I can reverse those numbers this year and then some. Maybe even get in 500 outdoor miles. That's only 100/month or five 20 mile rides. Very much within the range of possibilities.

I think I am about to break through the early retirement uncertainties. It has been more of a struggle than I expected to overcome some of my innate laziness and desire to stay up late and sleep in. So, posting this here, I am setting a very public goal. If you see me, remind me. If I don't post any updates, hold me accountable.

If you want to sign up for the National Bike Challenge, the link is below.

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