Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Can I Start a Trend?

I posted this from another Facebook user this morning.

My explanation that went with it was:

OK- I'm hoping to start a trend among Liberals like myself. It is time to reclaim patriotism from a one-sided view of the USA! I'm very proud to be an American, the son of a WW II Vet.

Just because my politics isn't right-wing does not mean I don't like this country!!

Just because my theology isn't based on fundamentalism doesn't mean I'm not a true American.

Just because I don't agree with Ayn Rand does not make me a socialist.

So I do share this post, proudly, as a Liberal!

So let me go further since this is my blog and I have the space.

Just because I call for the outcast and the poor to be taken care of by a just society, does not mean I am not patriotic.

Just because I continue to be afraid of an endemic racism in our greater society, does not mean I think we have failed as a nation.

Just because I do not blindly follow whatever leader is in power AND which you or others agree with does not make me a traitor.

Just because I believe that a two party system calls for differences- patriotic differences- does not make me any less proud to be an American.

I could rant on this one for a long time. I am offended by those who question my patriotism because I do not agree with right-wing politics, right-wing greed, or right-wing religion. As a citizen who has voted in every national election since I was of legal age, I still believe our nation is doing the best we can at any given moment to live up to our national ideals.

Yet we must remain steadfast in those ideals and not let them be co-opted by the wealthy who are now buying our elections or the voices of paranoia crying in their own wilderness or the politicians of either/both side who are simply looking to further ideology as opposed to American ideals.

Sure we have our faults. The United States is made of human beings- and none is perfect.

My goal, then, by posting the above picture is to hopefully start a small trend. May those of us who are liberal be proud in our citizenship. Let's take the flag pins and flag pictures back from the right-wing. Let's be willing to admit that the National Anthem still stirs us (and I wish the fans could sing it at sporting events, not celebrities!)

Let's find all these right-wing co-opted symbols and bring them back to stand for ALL Americans!

Rant - far from over.

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