Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Mid-Week Swing

Time for some big band swing. The Glenn Miller Orchestra and Tuxedo Junction. Watch 'em swing, move around and play without music.

From Wikipedia:
It is co-written by Birmingham, Alabama composer Erskine Hawkins and saxophonist and arranger Bill Johnson. Julian Dash is also credited for the music. The song is about a jazz and blues club in the Birmingham, Alabama suburb of Ensley. The area is referred to as "Tuxedo Junction", even though the building is called the "Nixon Building" (built in 1922). This is due to the location of a streetcar crossing at Tuxedo Park, hence "Tuxedo Junction". The Erskine Hawkins Orchestra took it to #7 in 1939 after having used it as their sign-off at the Savoy Ballroom. Glenn Miller took it all the way to #1 in 1940.
Listen for the point when the possibility of two streetcars meet at the junction.

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