Thursday, October 09, 2014

Checking on the Aliens and Others

When in doubt about what to write- and life is kind of ho-hum- what better place to look than sources of odd news, like a UPI Page.

And what better way to start than with the old standard aliens:

UFO conference suggests Bigfoot could be an alien
The Mutual UFO Network's annual convention in Pittsburgh will include discussion of whether mythological creature Bigfoot might be a visitor from space.
Maybe that will finally get Sasquatch to come out of hiding to clear his reputation.
Then there is the bastion of correct information, the public library, that sometimes isn't:
'We confirm things' Latin slogan confirmed wrong
"We confirm things twice" slogan engraved in Latin on the wall at the Moorestown Township Library in New Jersey actually translates to, "we second guess all."
The first clue that something might be wrong was the strange, untranslateable Chinese character tattoo on the reference librarian.
In the "It Had To Happen" category:
'Spreadable beer' brings booze flavor to crackers
Birra Spalmabile, or "spreadable beer," allows ale fans to bring their favorite flavor to appetizers with a product made from 40 percent beer.
At least you can tell the police officer, "I wasn't drinking and driving!"
100 pairs of pants rip at Chinese military event
A military reserve training event in China was marked by the simultaneous failure of more than 100 pairs of pants when reservists were ordered to sit down
"Made In China!"

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