Monday, June 23, 2014

On My Own Back Porch

Now that summer is officially here, I thought I would post a few pictures of our back porch. When one lives in an apartment/town home complex, it gets a little more difficult, but if you want to have a part in the creativity and creation cycle of the world, it is worth it. (And this way you don't have to do all the weeding!)

The Wave Petunias in the hanging basket make a great banner.

Good herbs are a must. Two plants each of rosemary and basil. That rosemary, fresh from the back porch, makes a wicked potato salad!

Hen and chicks. Love 'em in a fake ceramic container.

Here's the hanging basket. It's had some bad nights with rain and wind, but it's holding in there in the red, white and blue.
A close-up of a small pot with marigolds. A beauty of a flower!

And finally, the promise of more to come. Cherry tomato flowers should be ready with red beauties in another six weeks.

Watch for more pictures.

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