Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Now- for an Update

A month ago I posted about how people were reacting to a picture of a football player kissing with his partner. At the time I talked about how we can go to many professional sporting events where they have that inevitable "Kiss Cam" picking people out of the stands, placing them in the center of a big heart on the Jumbotron and then cheering as they kiss.

I wondered at the time how we can explain THAT to our children and, in essence, what the difference is between that and what we saw on TV when Michael Sam kissed his same-sex partner?

My answer then was just say that two people are in love.

Well, we were at a Twins game the other evening and right there, on that big screen, in the center of the heart (not the one above) was a same-sex couple. While I realize that this might not happen (yet) in some ball parks in some cities, but it did happen in Minneapolis on that evening.

What a refreshing sight!

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