Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Silent Sabbath

Nothing to say. I am sure that's how the Disciples felt on that other silent sabbath.

They most likely did not go to the Temple or the Synagogue. Fear would have kept them at home.

They probably observed the Sabbath Laws as they were practiced in 30 AD: staying close to home out of fear of the authorities as much as fear of breaking God's Law.

They were shell-shocked, confused, defeated.

A day of silence when, for them, the world they had longed for, worked for, fought for was done.

Their hearts were as heavy as the stone which separated them from their master.

At that moment nothing, absolutely nothing, could have made them believe that they would ever be happy again.

That is what I ponder each year on the Great Sabbath.

How wrong they were and therefore, how wrong I can be when I believe that all has come to an end.

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