Monday, February 24, 2014

A Tale of Two Hats

I have two baseball-type hats that I like to wear. In recent weeks I have discovered that which one I wear can have a significant impact on those around me.

I have been in "neutral" territory- i.e. neither Minnesota nor Wisconsin. Alabama has no professional baseball team of their own and I don't think their football teams (Alabama and Auburn) play in the NFL. So the team logo should make very little difference.  What I have discovered is that people respond differently, in general, depending on which one I wear.

Actually, it is probably more correct to say they respond when I wear one and only a select few respond when I wear the other.

Therefore I have started calling them my extrovert or introvert hats.

If I am willing to talk to people I wear the Packer hat. There is a mystique about the Packers that I truly believe has made them the real America's team. People start talking about the days of Starr or Hornung. They wonder if the Pack will be back this year, etc.

If I want to remain quiet and introverted all I need is the Twins hat. Only other Minnesotans will say anything then, and usually some snide remarks about our favorite Twinkies. (Sometimes even a dig at the Vikings is added.) In general, though, Minnesota Nice prevails and we end up talking about other things- usually the weather in Minnesota- if we talk about anything.

I know this won't work at home. Either hat will bring a possible discussion, but in Sweet Home Alabama, it's a different ballgame.

And I am not buying an Alabama or Auburn hat. Way too dangerous.

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Remigius said...

Are you sure Alabama doesn't play in the NFL? Could have fooled me.