Thursday, January 23, 2014

Uff Da!

No other way to describe this winter.

An Up Nort' exclamation like Uff Da! says it all. Today is the 44th day with below freezing temps of the last 50! That isn't all that bad, of course. This IS Minnesota, after all and our normal high temps this time of year are below freezing.

But it's those below zero Fahrenheit temps that are beginning to get old- very old. Today is the 17th day since December 4 with below zero temps.

There are no days above freezing forecast for the rest of the month. We have at least 4 more days this month forecast to have below zero readings.

We also keep cycling up and down with these Alberta Clippers sweeping through with wind and light snow that is blowing like a banshee at times. We seem to be having almost daily weather headlines, watches, warnings and special statements. Even one of our local TV weather forecasters commented the other day that this is probably the most active weather pattern he has ever seen.

I know it isn't just us in Minnesota. It's been like this all over the country. Our winter/snowbird escape of the Alabama Gulf Coast has had incredibly low temps and wind chills that, for the location, rival ours in depth of misery and discomfort when you aren't used to it- mid-20s on the Gulf coast is awful.

So for the next week I have posted a new feature picture over there on the right. May it remind us that this too shall pass.

Or so they tell me.

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