Monday, December 30, 2013

Another Final Game

Yes, I am a die-hard Green and Gold Packer fan.

But I am also a sports fan who has lived in Minnesota for almost 15 years now.

In fact my daughter and I were at the last Twins game at the Metrodome before they moved to their own cozy comfort of Target Field.

Yesterday was the final Vikings game at the Dome. So we were there for that, too.

Pictures will be coming.

But for today this infographic here on the left was on the Vikings website last week. It is football related, but that was what yesterday was about.

Fare-thee-well old Dome.

I guess the most fun fact on the list (for me, anyway) is that the Dome is the only stadium in the WORLD that has hosted a

..Major League Baseball All-star game
..Baseball World Series (twice)
..NCAA Basketball Final Four (twice)
and a
..NFL Super Bowl


..the great non-sports related event of over 50,000 sober alcoholics at the 2000 AA World Convention.

More later.

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