Friday, November 15, 2013

Still Moving Forward

A quick reflection occurred to me earlier this week at work. I am less than three weeks away from the starting transition toward retirement, becoming a part-time supplemental employee instead of full-time. All kinds of emotions continue to happen each day. Excitement and opportunity are at the top, of course. But change is grief-producing. Change is not easy to assimilate, even when planned for and desired. Something is being left behind.

In this case I was sitting in our late afternoon hand-off from one team to another. As one of my colleagues was talking about the group they led and the patients' information I found myself having what I could only describe as an "out-of-body" moment. It as almost as if I was sitting watching something beyond me. I was not connected. I realized that in a few short weeks some of these things will continue to happen- and I won't be around. They will not concern me. They will not make any difference to me- or me to them. On those days when I am working I will have to know some of this, but in the great scheme of things, it won't be about me.

Humbling. It puts things into a perspective that is hard to reconcile at this point.

It was a powerful reminder of the importance of being in today which is the only one where we can have an impact.

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