Thursday, November 07, 2013

I'll Take the Compliment

Co-worker 1:

There sure is a lot less of you these days.
Co-worker 2:
Seeing you in that sweater, it's clear how much weight you've lost.
Co-worker 3:
You sure are looking spiffy these days.
All these within the last couple weeks as I hit my latest plateau of weight loss. I am down about 30 pounds- about 15%- since March 15. That was my second goal made and it feels good.

No, not just the compliments, but the actual feeling of being 30 pounds lighter. The other evening I was carrying my big band music bag and my trumpet up the stairs. I guess together they weight in the 30 pound range. As I got to the top and thought about how much more difficult it was carrying that load I was struck by a thought:
I carried that much weight around for a long time.

Next goal- another 15 pounds by the end of January. At this point I am still on a plateau within a couple pounds of that 30 pound decrease. It will soon be time to pick it up again and keep the downward trend going to my ultimate goal. Back in March I would never have believed this was possible. Now, I'm excited and looking forward to the next 15 pounds.

Just keep me away from the doughnuts.

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