Saturday, August 31, 2013

You Can Say That Again

Or perhaps you shouldn't.....

Came across a completely filled list of component parts of redundant repetitions. So I thought I would give you advance warning of how they can say the exact same thing when you don't have to.

Earlier in time that would have been something to ask knowledgeable experts about. Here and now today all you have to do is open up the Internet and not have to do much extra during the course of your work. Let your understanding evolve over time and you might possibly double your word count.

I hope I didn't make any unintentional mistakes in putting this together. Maybe I should recheck again. That way I won't have an unexpected surprise. Believe me, these true facts have not just been spliced together. They are the genuine real thing.

It does really raise the grammatical question of why we think we need to put some kind of explanatory modifier before so many words we use?

Link to 200 common redundancies. 

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