Friday, August 09, 2013

Until Proven Wrong

There's more to faith than meets the eye. Actually, if it can be seen and proven, it doesn't need "faith." Frank Schaeffer captures that in this money quote from an article on Patheos:

Fundamentalists and theological liberal do share something though: FEAR. They are afraid of being proved wrong and so spend a lot of time defending their theological points of view.

Fear comes from being afraid we’re not certain about the facts of faith or non-faith. Atheists and Christians all strive to be correct in our views. But what if the very struggle for certitude is a dead end?
--Frank Schaeffer
Patheos Press Website
The article is appropriately titled, Liberals and Fundamentalists Have it Wrong: Faith is Not About “Correct” Facts. I agree about the fear side of this. "What if I'm wrong?" is a huge factor behind much of what passes for faith in so many areas. The absolute views that dominate the debate are downright scary.

As I have said before, if I can explain God and the ways of God, I'm not so sure I can believe in such a God. My poor human powers of awareness and description are far from enough to describe the Creator of the universe.

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