Saturday, August 10, 2013

How'd He Do That?

On this date in sports history:

1944- Braves Red Barrett throws only 58 pitches to shut out Cincinnati Reds 2-0
Let me see... there needed to be nine innings of outs. That's 27 outs. A minimum of 27 pitches if every batter flied, popped or grounded out on the first pitch.

Or two pitches per batter would be 54, leaving three other scattered pitches over the nine innings.

Quite a feat, I said to myself as I saw it on the date in history widget.

Well, here's a link to a box score of the game. LINK

What do we learn?

Thursday, August 10, 1944,
  • Braves at Reds at Crosley Field
  • Attendance: 7,783, Time of Game: 1:15
  • Braves record is 43-60
  • Reds record is 55-45
  • Winning pitcher Barrett's record is 7-11
  • Losing pitcher Walters is 16-6

Barrett gave up
  • two hits (both appear to be singles)
  • no walks
  • no strikeouts.

They did it in 1hour and 15 minutes!

Not a lot of pitches. Most of them had to  be on the first or second pitch and only the two hits.

Quite an accomplishment.

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