Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Someone Needs His Tuner Recalibrated

Quick thought after leaving the theater on Monday evening. We had just finished watching the remarkable documentary, 20 Feet from Stardom. It is the story of the back-up singers who have given rock and soul life and spirit. I spent most of the movie smiling listening to and watching these remarkable singers do their thing. The incredible debt modern popular music owes to the church was more than evident in the stories. Springsteen, Jagger and Sting brought home the foundation of the music in Gospel music.

There was some sadness as we saw some who tried to make it as lead singers in solo careers fall short of their dream. Others soared in their stories. Everyone enlivened the music and the audience at the theater.

If you can find it in a theater near you that shows documentaries and indie films, don't miss it. The big sound and the big screen do much to make this a true musical and cinematic experience.

On Rotten Tomatoes I knew that this film got a 99% rating. My only reaction was that whoever that one critic was needed to have his tuner recalibrated.

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